I (Richard) started FreshArrival by myself in November of 2005. FreshArrival has grown a bit since then to include a few more writers other than myself, to take some of the load off of me (posting every single day can get tiring :)), and to bring the kind of diversity that you get from having multiple viewpoints.

Here's who we are.


Richard Felix Jr. is a web designer/Systems Engineer/computer know-it-all from Baton Rouge LA. He used to play guitar in a band, but he doesn't really have any time for that now, sadly. He spends his time with his wife, Jenny and his trusty MacBook Pro. He's a neophiliac (no, there's nothing wrong with his blood) and must have the latest gadgets as soon as they come out.

Richard also codes/runs Hngry and Waitable. Here's his Flickr.

Chris Coyier Chris Coyier is a designer from Madison, WI. Aside from a crippling addiction to technology and gadget news, he is a reasonably healthy young chap. Hobbies include pie auctions, retro-futurism, old-time banjo music, Apple fetishism, lumberjack competitions, font hording, and hucklebucking.

AIM: chriscoyier
Richa Richa Avasthi is a web developer living in San Francisco, CA.  She's also a semi-professional elitist.  When she has free time (and money!), she enjoys: reading, adding to her collections (DVDs, Japanese and Korean comic books, and gadgets among them), traveling, and attending film festivals, the latter two sometimes simultaneously.

Web presence:
    personal website: <http://ravasthi.name/>
    blog: <http://blogs.ravasthi.name/tepumpkin/>
    flickr photostream: <http://www.flickr.com/photos/ravasthi/>

Email: ravasthi.weblog@mac.com
Chelsey Simpson Chelsey Simpson is a managing editor living in Oklahoma who hopes she can one-day be demoted to a freelance writer. She is also an amateur photographer, obsessive dog owner and supporter of sustainable agriculture. She considers the last season of Six Feet Under nothing short of a spiritual experience. 
Katina Hester Katina Hester is a mother of one living in Baton Rouge, LA. In her daytime hours she works as an application analyst for LSU. Katina loves reading books, watching TV/movies (it's more of an addiction really) and camping. When pressed to do some physical activity she enjoys hiking, tennis, horseback riding and canoeing. Favorite TV series: Buffy!

Email: daisedkat@yahoo.com
Chris Hathaway Chris Hathaway is a graduate student at the University of Texas at Dallas, studying Computer Science.  Breaks between classes, studying, and chasing after a 1-year old allow him to pursue some freelance web development/design, usually using Drupal.  His latest venture is a data aggregation site aptly named AggData.  You can also find him singing in a local choir, obsessively burning movies recorded on TV to DVD, or playing Chopin, racquetball, and the Wii (though not simultaneously). 

Personal Site
Pei Peiling Tan is an undergraduate from Singapore, who spends most of her free time traveling around the world on a shoestring budget that tends to be busted. She considers beer to be the best beverage on earth and wishes to travel around the world as her career.

Blog: http://lifeofpei.blogspot.com
Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lifeofpei/
Email: gniliep@gmail.com


Adam Weiner Adam Wiener is a full-time student living in Denver, CO. He is an avid photographer of weddings, bar mitzvahs, family reunions, portraits, and independent artwork with whatever camera he can afford. Other hobbies include: rock climbing, skiing, hiking, biking, reading outdoor photography, and trying to use Windows computers as little as possible.

Favorite TV show: NUMB3RS.

Oh, and yes, that really is his last name.
  Michael Haydel is a release manager/business analyst living in Grapevine, Texas. He spends his time drinking coffee, watching the Food Network, tooling around online, and spending time with his girlfriend, Wendy. His turn-ons include knowledge of technology, coffee, Northern weather, and road trips. Turn-offs run the gamut from bad grammar and poor writing to tomatoes and MySpace.
  Maribeth Doran is the owner of dorancommunications, a full-service writing and editing firm.  Her freelance work has ranged from the exotic (independent film scripts) to the inspiring (success stories from state health departments) to the kind of articles you don't want to read after lunch (magazines on ear, nose and throat diseases).  She lives with her four children plus two labs who think they're kids in Mentor, Ohio.