We talk about cool products, gadgets and more all of the time, but what do we actually use? This is where we post our top 3-5 products that we are really enjoying at the moment, and would highly recommend to anyone.

Incase Slider Case for iPhone. Since I bought my iPhone, I've owned at least 5 cases, all of which have been inferior in some way... This is hands-down the best iPhone case I have ever used.

Inka Titanium. We covered this pen awhile back (in 2006!), and it has never left my keychain. I'm actually still using the same ink cartridge. It is absolutely brilliant. A waterproof, full size (but only if you want it to be) pen that goes
everywhere. I love it.

Sega Dreamcast. Best videogame console ever, I don't care what you say.

Chris Coyier:
Coda. The all-in-one web developer tool from Panic is my favorite software tool ever created. FTP, text editor, terminal, live previews, CSS editor, and reference books all in one place.

Apple. Yeah, that's right, I'm a fanboy. I have an iMac, a MacBook, and and iPhone and I'm completely callous about it. I won't even help fix my friends virus-infested PC's, I just tell them to "Get a Mac." and scoff.

Rode. If you need a microphone for your computer for any reason at all, the Rode Podcaster is a smart choice. Just plug in the USB cable and you are ready to record very high quality audio. Also very reasonably priced.

Chris Hathaway:
Microsoft Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 Am I allowed to mention Microsoft here? If they do anything right, it's computer mice. The elevated and tilted design feels completely natural to my larger-than-average hands, and it's the first mouse that doesn't give me pain in my wrist and fingers after extended use. If I'm going to use a mouse so much that it seems like another appendage, it sure ought to feel like one.

Firebug. If you do even the slightest bit of web design or development, please download this now. It basically strips the clothing off of any website, lets you see the inside and then dress it up how you would like. To change layout attributes and see divs move around instantly is a surreal experience.

Gmail/Google Reader. These may be obvious choices, but I definitely can't function properly without either of them. Gmail has convinced me that a world without desktop applications is completely reasonable, that the cloud has some clout. And Google Reader fully up-ended my browsing experience, to where I can now just sit back and let all of the information flow to me.

This page will be constantly updated, and will have favorites from all of our writers in the future, so check back often!